Welcome to Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM). As a student doctor at RUSM, you will receive a dynamic and comprehensive medical education in which your professional success is our top priority. Your professors and other staff are deeply committed to teaching and are recognized scholars in the needed disciplines for your development as a physician. . We celebrate that your paths to this milestone of professional success have been varied. The richness of your different life experiences will not hinder your academic success as a student doctor at RUSM. Rather, it will enhance your learning opportunities.

As a RUSM student doctor, you will begin your training by mastering the intensive Medical Sciences curriculum, which provides comprehensive knowledge of human health and disease at the cellular, whole organ, individual, and societal levels. Using a carefully constructed and integrated mix of didactic lectures, small group learning sessions, and exposure to clinical cases, we will intellectually challenge you to progressively acquire the knowledge in the medical sciences needed for the next phase of your training – immersive clinical clerkships in the locale of your choice in the US, Canada, and the UK. Clinical clerkships are closely overseen by RUSM and similarly taught by selected, skilled practicing physicians in venues of medical practice ranging from high performing hospitals with rich patient exposures to top notch private practices. Again, your academic and professional success is paramount. Your journey as a RUSM student doctor is completed by our guidance and assistance helping you to obtain postgraduate training in your preferred medical specialty.

The years ahead to become a practicing physician are academically and emotionally challenging. We recognize this reality and that your learning styles differ. Therefore, we have tremendous academic support services at RUSM. Please take advantage of them and heed the sound advice given you by the RUSM faculty and staff. Their uniform passion for student success is shown by their commitment to teaching, advising and finding innovative ways to assist you.

I look forward to observing your professional development over the ensuing years: evolving from a high performing student doctor to become a skilled, humanistic physician whom I will proudly embrace as a peer colleague.

Welcome and warm regards,

William Owen, MD, FACP

Dean and Chancellor

Using the Student Handbook


This Student Handbook is effective as of February 18, 2019. Its contents apply to all students, including those on semester break, Approved Absence (AA), suspension, probation or Temporary Withdrawal, and those visiting other medical schools or clinical affiliates. As these policies govern your time as a student at RUSM, we expect you to be familiar with the content of both this Student Handbook and the Academic Catalog. Any student who receives financial aid should also read the “Financial Planning Guide”, since only general aspects of financial aid are included here.

Current Policies

Please be aware that this edition of the Student Handbook, effective February 18, 2019, supersedes all prior editions, online or in hard copy. From time to time, updates to policies will be made to both the Student Handbook and Academic Catalog. RUSM reserves the right to change the rules, regulations, course offerings, degree requirements, academic calendar, and other material contained in this Student Handbook or the Academic Catalog at any time. We will make every attempt to notify students in advance of significant changes in policy, but we recommend you refer to these

documents frequently. It is the student’s responsibility to keep current on all University policy.