Initiation and Scope

Parties may appeal the outcome of formal academic and non-academic disciplinary actions. These appeals must be submitted in their proper form within 15 calendar days of notification of the decision of the Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee. Appeals are considered only when it is clearly established by the appealing party, in a concise written statement, that one of the following occurred:

The specific basis or bases for the appeal must be identified by the appealing party in the written appeal.

Administrative Response

Neither the Complainant nor Respondent will attend Appeal hearings. With the exception of appeals involving new information not known at the time of the original hearing or informal resolution, the Dean, or designee’s, review will be limited to the written appeal, documents and evidence originally presented at the hearing or informal resolution, and the official record of the hearing. The Dean, or his/her designee, may:


The Dean, Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs, or their designee, will notify the parties of the appeal decision within 15 calendar days of the Dean’s receipt of the written appeal.