Contact Information

RUSM communicates important information with students through school-assigned email addresses. Students should use their official RUSM email account to send and receive school-related messages.

It is the student’s responsibility to check their RUSM email account daily in order to remain current with all RUSM communication. Students have the responsibility to recognize that certain communications may be time- sensitive. Excuses such as not checking email on time, error in forwarding email, mailbox full, etc. are not acceptable reasons for missing RUSM communications.

Students may elect to automatically forward messages sent to their RUSM email address. RUSM is not responsible for messages once forwarded out of a student’s RUSM email account.

RUSM requests that students provide alternate email addresses for use in the unlikely event that school email systems are inoperative. Students are responsible for ensuring their contact information is accurate. Please remember to update contact information as necessary (especially at the point of transitioning between sites). Contact information can be updated through myRoss.

In 2019 RUSM will begin transitioning students to an email account that will remain accessible upon successful completion of the MD program to help students remain connected with the institution as alumni.

Note: RUSM has the ability to lock or modify RUSM email accounts without notice.