Course Evaluations Policy

RUSM is committed to improving the quality and content of its educational program and our student’s feedback is essential for this process to be effective. At RUSM, students are our partners and future alumni and this feedback will help us to improve the student experience. RUSM culture means that this is part of a student’s professional responsibility which they will carry forward into their medical career, voluntarily contributing data and information to improve health care and patient outcomes by completing surveys and evaluations. We ask students to evaluate each module at its conclusion so that any necessary curriculum change can be enacted as soon as possible. The Clinical Skills Course activities occurring in each semester are also evaluated at this time. Curriculum leadership at RUSM review student evaluations and use them to drive curriculum improvement. We also ask for your evaluation of faculty members involved in the delivery of teaching each semester. All evaluations are completed online through a program called E*Value™. Evaluations include space for detailed narrative feedback of the content and teaching. In addition, students may be asked periodically to complete other surveys evaluating specific functions and services provided by RUSM. This input is important in assessing the perceptions and needs of our students.

At the end of each of the core clinical clerkships, students are required to evaluate the clerkship through the Learning Management System (LMS). Failure to evaluate a core clerkship results in failing the LMS portion of that clerkship. RUSM maintains the confidentiality of all of these evaluations. Faculty members receive aggregate responses for their courses and sometimes receive notification of completion and non-completion. Under no circumstances are students identified or associated with the content of their evaluations. Although confidentiality is maintained, individuals who complete or do not complete the evaluation can be identified by name for reporting purposes.

RUSM communicates with students through its own email system. The CoursEval program also utilizes RUSM email to inform students about the evaluation process. Students leaving the Dominica campus are reminded that communication regarding evaluation requirements in the clerkships will continue through RUSM email.