Campus Study Space Policy

The RUSM campus offers a variety of study spaces to support students learning. This document outlines the policy of RUSM, regarding study space on campus. It is designed to allow equal access to study space for all students, to encourage students to be responsible for their personal belongings, and to encourage a professional and collegial atmosphere. The Study Space Policy applies to every area on campus and the rules apply equally. There are no exceptions to the study space policy.

The policy will be sent via email notification to all students. The policy will also be available on the Student Resources page of the student portal. Incoming first semester students will be informed of the Study Space Policy at New Student Orientation. Continuing students will be informed during their respective Continuing Student Orientations of any updates to the policy.



  1. Study Space is reserved for the use of Students, Faculty, and Staff.
  2. Hours of Operation for Study Space locations will be published on the Student Resources page of the l and will be emailed to students as part of the Study Space notification.
  3. Throughout the semester Student Affairs will notify students of changes to study space hours of operation, including the extension of hours for 24 hours studying. Notification will be sent via email, posted on the Student Resources student portal page, and could be posted on notice boards/exterior doors.
  4. Students must be physically present with their belongings at all times or they may be removed. No student may leave their belongings for longer than one hour for any reason anywhere on campus. The exception is the Computer Lab, where belongings cannot be left for more than 15 minutes.
  5. Students are responsible for any unattended items. RUSM reserves the right to remove any unattended items. RUSM, its colleagues or agents will be not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items that are collected.
  6. When a space is closed please vacate the room during that time and take all your belongings with you. No one may leave anything in a space overnight.
  7. When students are finished studying, or leaving for longer than 1 hour (15 minutes in the Computer Lab), students must collect all belongings and take them along. When they come back if someone else is in that space, then the student may find another vacant space in which to study. If either party becomes argumentative, they may be reported to the conduct administrator.
  8. Cell phones must be turned off or silent, not vibrate.
  9. Students must leave all furniture and computer equipment in their original locations. The only furniture permitted to be moved are chairs and these must be returned to their original location when a student leaves.
  10. Large Learning Lab, Classrooms, St. James, and the Annex are sometimes utilized for meetings, events as well as study space. These events must be scheduled 48 hours in advance on the room reservation system and approved by Campus Life in Student Affairs. Please reference the room reservation system and/or the schedule/sign on the exterior doors of the space (except MPR’s). Individual students and informal groups cannot schedule a multi-use space for the purpose of studying (except for MPR’s). Scheduled events take precedent for use of the space.
  11. Any conflicts between students or groups over group study space are to be first resolved at the student level. Any concerns can be reported to Security or Student Affairs to investigate and may be referred to the conduct administrator for resolution.
  12. The Study Space Food and Drink Policy, located on the Student Resources student portal page and Student Handbook, provides further guidelines on study spaces that are food free.
  13. All study space hours and locations are subject to change. Modifications will be emailed to students, and posted on the student portal page, and on notice boards/exterior doors.


  1. Locations include: Classrooms (1, 4, 5, and 6), Jenner Hall, St. James Center Academic Center, Annex, Library in the Student Center, Ann Ross Library Study Space, and Computer Labs.
  2. Study space is available on a first come basis. When students come to study they may stay and study as long as they like and are physically present in the space. Spaces cannot be held or reserved. Students are limited to 2 adjoining spaces/chairs, one computer, or one carrel.
  3. Conversations must be taken outside of the study space, even if they are at a whisper level.
  4. Classrooms: During lectures or academic activities, students attending the lecture or activity have preferential use of the classrooms.


  1. Locations include: Student Center (except for the Library, food court, and outdoor spaces), MPR’s, Study Rooms, Large Learning Lab, CTL Tutoring Rooms
  2. Group study spaces are designed for the shared use of multiple students and is available on a first come basis. When students come to study they may stay and study as long as they like and are physically present in the space. Spaces cannot be held or reserved with the exception of MPR’s and Study Rooms which are reserved using the room reservation system.
  3. MPR’s and Study Rooms can be reserved using the room reservation system. Reservations must be scheduled 48 hours in advance and approved by the Campus Life department. Further information on reserving rooms can be found on the Campus Life student portal page.
  1. Conversations and discussion should be kept at a tone that is conducive to studying. Students understand that at times this might be loud.
  2. Policies for the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Tutoring Rooms can be found on the Student Resources and CTL student portal pages.


Campus Activities Center (CAC) is NOT a designated study space except for the outdoor areas. The 2nd floor is available to reserve for clubs and organizations and for other meetings. Students are not permitted to study in the indoor areas of the CAC.


Food Court and Outdoor Spaces throughout campus are considered multi-purpose use by all RUSM community members and cannot be reserved with the exception of the Seaside Decks and Sports fields/courts which are for multi-purpose use by all RUSM community members. The decks and courts can be reserved on the room reservation system.


Security, housekeeping and Student Affairs are primarily responsible for enforcing the study space policy.

Additionally faculty, staff, and members of the SGA may enforce the policy.

Students who are non-compliant and/or argumentative and/or who violate the study space policy repeatedly may be referred to the conduct administrator for disciplinary proceedings.