Study Space Food and Drink Policy

The RUSM campus has a variety of spaces designed to allow for areas for eating/food and nonfood to meet the needs of students, colleagues, and the faculty. The food and drink policy is designed to outline areas for consumption and holding of food and drink in study spaces. It is designed to prevent or reduce the destruction of campus facilities by rodents and other pests; and to maintain a safe, healthy and clean environment for patrons of the spaces including. This policy a plies to all members of the RUSM community, RUSM colleagues, contractors and their employees and visitors.

The policy is also available on the Student Resources page of the student portal. Incoming first semester students will be informed of the Study Space Policy at New Student Orientation. Continuing students will be advised of any changes to the policy at their respective Continuing Student Orientations.



  1. Areas identified as study areas allowing food include: classrooms, Jenner, St. James, Annex, Large Learning Lab, Student Center 1st floor open study space.
  2. Areas identified as nonfood study space include: the Ann Ross Library Study Spaces and Student Center (first floor Multi-Purpose rooms, reception lobby, second and third floors of the Student Center).
  3. At no time will food be allowed to be visible or be consumed in the above identified nonfood areas. The exception to this being drinks as defined below.
  4. Drinks within a closed spill-proof container are allowed to be out and consumed in nonfood study areas.
  5. Food that is not within view (i.e. in an individual’s bag) must be in a closed container that will not spill.
  6. The individual who is in possession of food or drinks are responsible for cleaning up any spilled drinks or food as well as proper disposal of food/ drink containers.


Members and designated representatives of campus Security, Student Affairs, RUSM Administration, Student Government Association, or other appointed persons will enforce the policy. Students, staff, or faculty are required to produce their RUSM identification card at the time of the violation.


Students found to have food out, consuming food or drinks that are not within a spill-proof cup/bottle in nonfood study space will be in violation of the policy and ramifications may include requiring the student to remove food or drink to a location not prohibited by this policy. Students who refuse to abide by this or with repeat violations may be referred to the conduct administrator. Failure to produce a student ID upon request or displaying non-professional behavior when confronted with the violation may result in further disciplinary action.