Printing Policy

RUSM provides students on campus a weekly print quota on usage of university printers and paper supplies.

Students are issued a quota of 200 black and white prints and five color pages per week.

At the end of each printing week students who have not used their allotted quota will forfeit the remainder of their quota; there is no rollover of print quotas

Purchasing Additional Print Credits

In addition to the weekly print quota, any student wishing to purchase additional print credits can do so. Additional print credits are sold in increments of 50 black & white prints for $10.00EC which is subject to change based on costs. A maximum of five color pages may be printed per week using the credits purchased.

The additional print credits are available for purchase from the campus copy center. Additional print credits purchased are separate from the print quota. Additional print credits purchased will rollover every week until they are used up.

No refunds will be given for unused print credits even if the student departs RUSM or does not utilize the purchased print credits.

Technical Issues

Any printing problems encountered by students concerning the printing process including printer malfunctions, loss of prints or errors in printing can be reported to the Campus Copy Center by means of a fault report via email or telephone number (767) 255-6588, ext. 4026588. The fault reporting procedure is located at each print station.


No printing is permitted while classes or other scheduled activities are taking place in the classroom area.

Students who print during class time or when other scheduled activities are taking place may be reported to the class representative.


Any other violations of the policy are considered as unprofessional behavior and will be evaluated on an individual basis and may result in other sanctions.

Students are expected to treat printing equipment and staff who maintain the printing stations, with respect. Any nal behavior could result in referral to the conduct administrator.

SGA officers, class representatives and students are encouraged to hold their peers accountable for the policy.

Additionally all faculty, staff or security representatives of RUSM are permitted to enforce the policy.