Smoking Policy

The Ross University School of Medicine campus will be a tobacco-free campus, this includes all properties owned and leased by the University. Tobacco-free prohibits smoking; the use of smokeless tobacco and other tobacco products; and e-products which simulate the act of smoking.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to directly and politely inform those unaware of the policy, or remind those in disregard of it. If this effort is unsuccessful, the individual in violation of this policy may be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions as defined by University policy.

It is the responsibility of every RUSM Community Member to encourage compliance with the policy and to do so in a way that is positive and responsive to RUSM’s expressed desire to influence a healthy lifestyle.

RUSM Community Members who violates the Tobacco-Free policy may be approached by University Employee or Campus Security and be reminded of the policy; asked to immediately comply with the policy; and will be informed of all available education and cessation programs and be encouraged to participate in a program.

Campus visitors who refuse to immediately comply with the policy may be asked to leave the campus.