Foundations of Medicine Examinations

Locations of Exams

All examinations in the Foundations of Medicine semesters are taken on the Portsmouth campus, except clinical practical examinations, which may be given in the Princess Margaret Hospital or other RUSM approved settings.

Examination Protocol

All students must bring their official RUSM identification card to all exams, and be at their assigned locations 15 minutes prior to the beginning of an examination. Students arriving at the examination location without ID or once the proctor has begun giving instructions will be denied entry to the exam and will receive a mark of zero on the examination.

If a student suspects a fellow student of cheating during an exam, the student should discreetly alert an exam proctor. A student found cheating on an examination receives a grade of zero for that examination. Further, a student found cheating on an examination may be subject to dismissal following a conduct hearing. No bags, books, electronic devices, or cellular phones may be brought into the examination room.

During electronic examinations, if there are unavoidable human/technical difficulties that occur, the Executive Chief Proctor may offer student(s) a choice of accepting the results of the exam(s) or immediately retaking the exam. Make-up exams are not conducted after scheduled exam dates; therefore, student(s) who choose to re-test will re-test immediately upon conclusion of the scheduled exam and after a 15 minute supervised break.

Mid-term and Final Examinations Scheduling

Students are required to complete all exams as scheduled. There are no make-up exams. A student may be excused from one mid-term examination per semester in an emergency. In the case of a single approved absence from a mid-term exam, the student’s scores on their Final exam will be substituted for those on the missed mid- term exam. In cases where there are local and NBME sections on the Final exam, the student’s scores on the entire Final exam will be substituted.

Students who are unable to complete all mid-term exams, with the exception of a single approved absence, may be administratively withdrawn. The student will receive a grade at the time of withdrawal which is based on a percentage of the weighted exams which the student has completed before withdrawal. Students with a cumulative weighted score of 70%, or higher, will receive a WP. Below 70% will  receive a WF. RUSM will not modify exam group assignments, for either written or clinical exams, to accommodate a student’s travel itinerary booked in advanced. Do not book a flight on the same day as the exam.

In order to be excused from a mid-term examination, the student must present valid documentation prior to the exam describing the nature of the emergency to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or authorized designee, and must include appropriate supporting documentation. Approval is at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or authorized designee. A mid-term examination missed without prior approval will be assigned a grade of zero. (See exceptions in Attendance section)

Foundations of Medicine final examinations must be taken as scheduled; failure to do so could result in a failing grade for the course. On the rare occasion a student is excused from taking a Foundation of Medicine final examination, a grade of Incomplete (“I”) will be assigned for the course. The student will not be eligible for enrollment and will not be promoted to the next semester until the incomplete has been rectified and a passing final course grade is assigned. The “I” grade will revert to a No Pass/F ilure (“NP” or “F”) if the final grade is not submitted within one year from the date of the “I” grade is assigned.