Students are required to maintain health insurance coverage while enrolled at RUSM.  The University offers a student health insurance plan with Aetna Student Health. Students may waive coverage if they hold their own health insurance policy that meets the waiver standards. More information can be obtained at

Students must maintain their health documentation status to ensure that no documentation expires before or during a clinical clerkship. Students whose health documentation is incomplete or expires during their clerkship will be subject to disciplinary action which can include removal from one or more clerkships.

 Health InsurancePolicy

Students at Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) are required to maintain health insurance coverage at all times including during breaks and temporary periods of non-enrollment.  RUSM offers a student health insurance plan with Aetna Student Health.  Students may waive the student health insurance plan through Aetna if they have their own equivalent health insurance policy that meets the published waiver standards and is approved by Student Accounts.  Waivers are accepted once per year (Fall). Students admitted in January or May will be required to waive insurance for their entering semester and then again in the Fall following matriculation.  All students are provided evacuation insurance through On Call International. More information on these policies and coverage can be obtained on the student portal.

Medical Sciences semesters

All companions and dependents (long-term guests) are required to maintain health and evacuation insurance at all times.  All visitors to campus that are not permanent residents/non-citizensthat apply for a companion visa from the localgovernment must provide proof of insurance and evacuation insurance during the immigration application process. Individuals that do not meet these requirements will not be permitted to continue with the immigration application through RUSM.  Please note that while evacuation insurance alone may provide immediate help, a transport may not be provided if the receiving hospital has a requirement of health insurance coverage to receive treatment. All guests should confirm evacuation insurance as well as insurance that will permit transfer to a US hospital.

Any children enrolling in the RUSM Early Learning Center or Preparatory School are required to have health and evacuation insurance. Additional information on this requirement can be found with the school’s enrollment documents.

Anyone traveling to campusto visit an RUSM student for a short stay is encouraged to review additional health and evacuation insurance options when booking travel.  Any visitor to campus will be required to have proof of health and evacuation insurance to be permitted on campus or to receive a guest pass.  All visitors to RUSM are encouraged to bring and keep insurance documentation with them at all times.

In the event of a health emergency, RUSM cannot request evacuation support for visitors or uncovered family members.  The student or individual would be responsible for the costs.

Clinical Sciences Semesters

Students must maintain their health insurance and health documentation status throughout their clinical clerkships and elective clerkships. Students whose health insurance expires at any time, including during clinical semesters, will be subject to disciplinary actions which can include removal from one or more clerkships.

RUSM strongly recommends that companions and dependents of students maintain adequate health insurance at all times while traveling. Students, companions, and dependents are strongly encouraged to keep proof if insurance with them at all times.

RUSM requires all students have adequate health coverage until graduation.  RUSM strongly encourages all graduates to maintain adequate health coverage prior to starting residency.   In order to request extended health insurance coverage past graduation and prior to residency, please submit therequest to the Office of Student Accounts at

Please note that Canadian and other countries’ insurance cannot be accepted if it does not cover US hospitalization and routine care. Emergency, temporary, and travelers policies cannot be accepted.

Affordable Care Act

RUSM follows U.S. Law.  Please read about requirements for US citizens and non-citizens at