Honor System

The Concept of Honor at RUSM

The Honor System at RUSM is a deeply cherished obligation founded upon the personal integrity of each individual member of the RUSM community. It requires that all members of this community conduct themselves honorably at all times and in all dealings with others. This shared commitment to high ethical standards creates an atmosphere of trust and respect vital to the unique sense of community, which characterizes the institution.

Authority for the maintenance and operation of the Code of Conduct is delegated directly by the Board of Trustees to the students through the Dean, with concurrence of the faculty. It is the conduct administrator’s responsibility to determine or appoint a student body to determine when a breach of honor has been committed, and it is the students who are entrusted with helping to enforce the system. Accordingly, every member of the student body has the responsibility, not only for understanding the provisions of the Code of Conduct, but also for maintaining at all times the highest possible degree of personal integrity. Moreover, every student must realize that acceptance of admission to RUSM includes the explicit agreement to abide by the provisions of the Code of Conduct.

The presence of the Code of Conduct and its provisions does not in any way abridge or subrogate the responsibilities of the faculty in monitoring the student body in all areas herein identified, and in bringing ac ions

through previously adopted mechanisms if incidents occur which are not brought to the attention of RUSM.


The Honor System applies to every student who is enrolled at RUSM. Accordingly, every student shall be required to verify acceptance of the Honor System by signing the following Honor Pledge:

“As a student at RUSM, I, (student name), do hereby accept the Honor System. I have received the Student Handbook and am fully aware of the Code of Conduct contained within. I agree to read and become familiar with the Code of Conduct.

Accordingly, I resolve to refrain from conducting myself in a manner that is unbecoming of a medical professional. I acknowledge that, in support of the Honor System, it is my responsibility to report any violations of the Code of Conduct. I understand that with any violation of the Code of Conduct, a plea of ignorance will not be acceptable, and the violation may result in my permanent non-academic dismissal from RUSM.

I pledge that I shall endeavor at all times to create a spirit of honor of my chosen profession by upholding the Honor System myself and helping others to do the same.”

Registration as a student at RUSM is not complete until signed verification of the Honor Pledge is on file, and no grades can be recorded until this is done. If the Pledge is not signed by the end of the fourth week of the semester, the student’s matriculation may be cancelled and all fees paid will be forfeited in accordance with the withdrawal policy described in the Academic Catalog. The ultimate responsibility for signing the Honor Pledge rests with each individual student. During orientation, students receive a link to the Student Handbook and this pledge by incorporation. The most up to date version of the student handbook along with this pledge is available online at www.medical.rossu.edu.