While you will be primarily focused on your education at RUSM, we also encourage involvement in the many extracurricular activities available on campus. A wide variety of clubs, sports, student organizations, activities and associated leadership opportunities can enrich your learning experience by helping you to make friends, acquire new skills, serve the community, and develop leadership abilities. Students participating in Intramurals or SGA sanctioned clubs and organizations (Student Groups) are reminded that their conduct is, at all times, expected to meet the standards of a medical professional and the Code of Conduct. Student Leaders of such groups are reminded of RUSM’s strong policy against discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a parent, marital status, veteran status or political affiliation.

Intramural and Extracurricular Activities. RUSM has an active sports community, offering a chance for needed exercise and socialization. Members of the RUSM community participating in these activities are expected to display good sportsmanship and standards of conduct becoming of the medical professional.

Student Groups. Student Groups sanctioned by the SGA offer a wide variety of opportunities to pursue other interests. Collective and individual behavior at group activities should serve as a reflection of the standards of RUSM. Student Groups must obtain prior approval from the SGA Advisor in the design and display of clothing or memorabilia which include their group’s name and/or any reference to RUSM; and must demonstrate good judgment in the design and placement of logos and other identifiable information.

Student Leaders. Student Groups and the organization of extracurricular activities offer many opportunities for students looking to enhance their leadership skills. Leaders of Student Groups must meet the academic and professional requirements as outlined by the SGA constitution and approved by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Officers and leaders of organizations, including the SGA, should be careful in selecting activities that represent the ideals of RUSM, both on- and off-campus. Leaders are responsible for exemplifying the Code of Conduct required of students, and also assuring the compliance of members.

Group/Member Sanctions and Disciplinary Actions: Any individual or group behavior that is in conflict with the standards set by the SGA, Student Affairs and administration may result in sanction or reprimand from the group’s governing body, including the SGA, and possible additional disciplinary action by RUSM. Failing to enforce proper behavior may also subject leaders to the loss of their leadership position. When appropriate, student leaders may be required to represent their members and answer for behavioral misconduct during disciplinary proceedings.