As the intellectual center of the RUSM, the Student Center Library and Learning Resource Center (LRC) enhances self-directed learning and supports evidence-based medicine. It will be one of the mainstays of your studies— providing services, resources, equipment and facilities to help you succeed.

While you are expected to purchase the required textbooks for each course, the library provides access to many electronic and online resources. To supplement your required readings, the library houses a full range of biomedical books, journals, study aids, audiovisual programs and computer-assisted materials.

The Library Director and staff are available to help students access and efficiently use the library’s many resources during normal library hours.


Normal library protocol applies in the Student Center Library. For instance, you will need to show your student identification card with barcode for all library transactions such as borrowing books and using multimedia resources. Causing excessive noise and distraction is not allowed. Cell phones should be silenced and all calls taken outside of the library. Eating and smoking are not permitted. Liquids are permitted in a spill-proof drinking container. The library is intended for RUSM medical students, faculty and staff only; no children, family members or other guests are permitted.

Students are expected to return library materials on time. Overdue fines are assessed to ensure the prompt return of high-use items. Failure to pay fines or return books will affect your ability to borrow other materials. It may also affect the release of final grades or the ability to register for classes.

Personal Items

When you leave the library, you are expected to take notes, books, and personal items with you. Since lost or stolen personal items are the responsibility of the student, you should take care not to leave valuables unattended. Student Life personnel, library staff, or security officers will remove all items unattended for longer than 15 minutes at computers, and 1 hour in study tables, carrels, and group study rooms as needed throughout the day, and during cleaning. These items will be available for pickup 24 hours following their receipt by security. Unclaimed items will be donated or sold at a publicly-held auction. RUSM, its colleagues, or agents are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items that are collected.

Prohibited Behavior

Stealing or damaging library materials, equipment, or furniture is a serious offense. Students will receive disciplinary action if they are caught vandalizing, mutilating, or stealing library materials, equipment, or furniture.

Security cameras are in operation in all rooms of the library. Library staff will identify and warn students who consistently ignore the library rules. Any student who verbally or physically threatens a staff member will also receive disciplinary action.


You are encouraged to make suggestions and provide input regarding library and facilities to the Library Director, the SGA, or in the suggestion box outside of the library.