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Student Life: Medical Sciences Campus


The purpose of a guest pass is to help support current students in their educational endeavors by allowing them to invite short-term guests on campus.Any active students wishing to have guests on campus are required to complete a Student Guest Pass Application form on behalf of their guest(s). The following expatriate persons are eligible for a guest pass as long as they are visiting for 30 days or less:  spouse/companion, other relatives, and friends/acquaintances. Former RUSM students are not eligible for a guest pass.

A guest pass application process can take up to 48 hours not including weekends and holidays.  The submitted application packet will be reviewed by the Department of Security and Emergency Management for approval within twenty-four (24) hours of application submission. During the processing timeframe, guests will not be granted access to the campus. The only acceptable proof of identity is a valid passport.

Any RUSM student seeking to have a guest on campus is subject to the following procedure:

  1. Valid passport (hardcopy) of Guest.
  2. RUSM ID of student with a current semester sticker.

RUSM may revoke or deny any Student Guest Pass and/or remove a Student Guest from campus at any time for any reason, at its sole discretion.

Special Note:  Students may initiate the guest pass process prior to the arrival of their guest to campus by submitting the required documents (guest’s passport page and the application form) via “ask Ross” on the campus student portal or

General Information – Clinical Sciences

RUSM is committed to making our students’ stay as comfortable as possible by providing information about a wide range of housing opportunities* for students and their families While RUSM provides information regarding off-campus housing options as a service to our students, RUSM does not own or operate, and is not responsible for, off-campus housing or information provided regarding such housing.