Depending on a student’s campus location, the local government may require an import permit for dogs and cats to enter the country. If a student is planning to bring their dog or cat with them, please comply with the regulations of the local government.

Medical Science Campus and Off-Campus Housing

Students living in Barbados during their Medical Science semesters must comply with government regulations.

Students seeking to bring a pet must:

Additional Information

Custom Brokers: Customs Brokers understand the complexities of the required forms and can help you navigate the import process for your pet(s). Custom Brokers can be found at this website. Those most familiar with the pet importation process include: Michael Greaves Associates, Calvin Alkins Customs Services Inc. and Lynch Customs Agency. RUSM provides these contacts as information only and does not endorse or guarantee the services of any of the resources provided.

Payment: Fees are paid upon arrival. The Customs Broker will usually make arrangements with the client regarding how the fees are paid. Veterinary Services is paid using cash. Personal checks are not accepted.

Paperwork Submission: Paperwork can be submitted upon arrival. However, to avoid delays and possible denial of entry, it is recommended that a copy of the paperwork be emailed to once completed so that any errors can be noted and corrected prior to arrival.

Information on the arrival of the animal (i.e. Customs Broker details, airline details, owner details, etc.) are required at least three working days prior to arrival. This notification is usually done through email and/or phone calls by the owner, the Customs Broker or both.

Travel: If travelling by commercial airline, pets must arrive in Barbados as manifested cargo. All pets must clear customs upon arrival.

Pet-Friendly Housing: See Housing section.

Exotic Pets: The import conditions for exotic animals are different from those of dogs and cats, but the overall process is similar (requires an import permit, an export health certificate and a Customs Broker). The importation of snakes is not allowed. Some species are also under and require the CITES Management Authority CITES Permit Request Form from Barbados’ Ministry of Environment.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email StudentServices@RossU.eduwith the subject line of Pet Transition – Barbados.

While pets are welcome to campus, they are not allowed in campus buildings, should be on a leash at all times. Please familiarize yourself with the Animal Policy prior to entering campus with your pet.

Animals on Campus

A pet includes any animal that is continuously cared for at a RUSM community member’s residence. A stray is any animal that is not continuously cared for at a RUSM community member’s residence and has no apparent owner.

Pets are allowed on campus. The pets must be leashed and under the supervision of their owners at all times.

Pets are not allowed to be tied up or left alone at any time for any reason. Pets are not permitted into any campus building or on campus transportation. Owners must clean up after their pets and dispose of any waste properly.

Pets are not allowed on the Seaside decks or on the preparatory school playground.

Any student requiring a service animal on campus must follow the policy on Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. Under this policy Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are considered to be pets, not Service Animals.

The owner of the animal is responsible for the animal’s behavior at all times. If the animal acts aggressively or inappropriately, it may be barred from campus temporarily or permanently.

Animals with no apparent owner may be captured by security officers or other designed persons. The animal may be caged on campus or sent to a designated veterinarian or animal handler. An announcement will be made to the campus community via e-mail about the caught stray to see if anyone wishes to claim and adopt the animal.

Grazing animals are considered non-pets on the campus and are not allowed on campus. Any grazing animal found on campus will be detained. The owner (if known) of the grazing animal will be notified to retrieve the grazing animal within three days. If not claimed by the three (3) day limit, arrangements will be made for the animal to be placed at the government property in Londonderry. The cost of transportation to Londonderry and any other charges assessed to retrieve the animal will be the responsibility of the owner.

No animal is to be fed on campus as this encourages animals to return to campus. Security or others have the right to report anyone found feeding animals on campus. If asked to produce an I.D. to security one must comply.

Enforcement of Pet Policy

Stray dogs or animals tied up without their owner with them may be removed by security or their designee. Security officers and their designee’s are the main enforcers of this policy, and any campus member has the right to remind others of the policy; cordial interactions are expected.