Photography and Video Imaging Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any type of photography such as still pictures, audio recording, video and film recorded or broadcast by any means including storage by electronic media, which occurs in or around the facilities of RUSM is not used for commercial purposes and that it does not interfere with the educational, scholarly or administrative functions of the institution, or impair any individual’s right to privacy. 

This procedure applies to all visitors, faculty, staff and students. Pictures are not for publication or public distribution unless approved by the Dean or the Dean’s designee. 

All individuals found to be in violation of this policy are subject to institutional discipline up to and including non-academic dismissal. 

Photography, audio or video recording is generally permitted as long as it is in good taste and for personal use. 

Prior permission from the Dean or the Dean’s designee is required when (1) the photography or recording is for commercial purposes; (2) photography or recording has questionable content; (3) the photography or recording is intended for a political purpose; (4) the photography or recording will require set up of any equipment which could impede normal activities on campus; or (5) the photography or recording involves human specimens or cadavers. 

Photography or recording shall be considered to be for commercial purposes if it is intended to be sold or otherwise exchanged for value, or is for any use that could imply endorsement of a product or service. 

Photography or recording will be considered to be for a political purpose if it is used or intended to support or oppose either a candidate for any public office, or any particular point of view on an issue of public concern or debate. Photography or recording will be considered questionable in content if it may be viewed as libelous, defamatory, predatory, lewd or pornographic. 

Photography for films or videos and audio recording may require submission of storyboards or scripts prior to approval. All photography and recording permissions are for designated times and dates. RUSM does not 88 

guarantee that any specific area or activity on campus will be available at the requested time or date. Permission by RUSM must specify designated times and dates in writing and be signed by the Dean or the Dean’s designee. RUSM may withhold its permission or require conditions for its permission at its discretion. 

Permission of RUSM does not include or imply any permission to photograph or record any individual, regardless of whether such person is a staff member, patient, student or visitor to the RUSM facilities. Photographers, video and audio recorders are reminded that they need to obtain the permission of each individual photographed or recorded and that commercial use of an individual’s image or likeness typically requires written consent of that individual. 

In the event of an incident or emergency requiring police, fire or other emergency response personnel, access to areas previously open to photographers and audio or video recorders may be barred or limited to allow emergency personnel to ensure safety and security. Depending on the nature of the photography or recording, the amount of equipment used and the location of the photography or recording, proof of general liability insurance may be required. Specific contractual arrangements must be negotiated in advance.