Preparing for Departure from Dominica

When the time comes for you to depart from RUSM, we hope you will have solid skills for the first steps of your fulfilling career, a network of many friends, and confidence in the path ahead of you. The following policies and recommendations regarding your departure from Dominica will help you move successfully to the next phase of your training.

You must satisfy all local debts before you depart. The Dominican laws on debt are particularly strict. On some occasions when students have attempted to leave the country with unsatisfied debt, they have found themselves detained or jailed. Students are responsible for all debts to landlords, local restaurants, shops, phone companies, RUSM, and others.

Departing Dominica with outstanding debt to RUSM will prevent you from seeking clinical clerkships and proceeding to the next phase of your education. You will not be allowed to obtain needed transcripts from the New Jersey office until you have made arrangement for payment of your student obligations.