Registration and Other Registrar Services

Registration for New Students

New studentshave much to do to prepare fortheirmedical education at RUSM. TheWelcome Packet contains information and forms studentsneed to complete.Admissionacceptanceand studentenrollment is contingent upon submission of all required documentation by the end ofthefirst semester. The Office of the Registrar is available to assist studentsduring the process.

Students must meet theobligation to complete and submit all forms in a timely manner. Theoffer of admission lists any documentation needed by the Office of the Registrar to complete theenrollmentprocess, including immigration paperwork necessary for obtaining a student visa. If all documentation is not submitted by the end of first semester, studentswill be subject to administrative withdrawal and may lose the privilege to register for a subsequent semester.

Credit to students transferring from another medical school into RUSM will be evaluated and may be granted at the sole discretion of RUSM. RUSM has no control over and is not responsible for equivalency of RUSM courses to those of other institutions. RUSM course equivalency for other institutions for RUSM students transferring will be determined by the institution to which RUSM students transfer in its sole discretion.

Medical Sciences Registration and Check-In

Students enrolled in the Medical Sciences curriculum must:

These steps must be completed by the deadlines established by the Office of the Registrar. These deadlines and the schedule for check-in and registration are updated regularly by the Office of Registrar and are communicated via email. For further information, please see the Campus Registrar representatives and/or send an email to Registrar@rossu.Edu.

Student ID

To ensure proper identification and to complete check-in, students must present their official RUSM identification cards.

To replace lost ID cards for students (and companions) on campus, there is a charge of USD $10. Please see the Department of Security and Emergency Management on campus for more information. For those students inclinical clerkships, please contact RUSM Student Services in Miramar, Florida. There is a charge of USD $10 for replacement cards.

Late Check-In

Students are expected return to campus, check-in, and attend courses as scheduled. Students with extenuating circumstances may request permission to check-in late.

There is a $200 USD late fee for students who check-in after the regular advertised check-in period is complete for the specified semester. Approval for late check-in does not automatically waive the late fee of $200 USD. Students with a medical emergency or who experienced unexpected flight cancellations can request that the late fee be waived. In both of these situations, supporting documentation will be required before the fee can be waived.

All supporting documentation must be provided at check-in or by the advertised day/date/time for each semester to the Office of Student Affairs,

Failing to provide the supporting documentation by the deadline will result in the late fee being charged to the student’s account. Acceptable supporting documents are original and rebook flight itineraries or letters from treating physician/medical facility for medical emergencies.

Any student who has not notified the Office of Student Affairs (campus) by 4:00 pm on the first day of class will be subject to AW and will need to reapply in order to be able to attend classes for the next semester/term. Additionally, any financial aid disbursements received by RUSM will be returned to the lender.

Students are expected to plan and complete all personal business in a timely manner in order to schedule an arrival before ending hours of regular check-in. For students with extenuating circumstances, please note that permission to check-in late may not provide a studentwith an excuse for any academic commitments that theymight have missed.

A ‘one time’ appeal will be accepted and reviewed by the Office ofStudent Affairs on a case by case basis.  A written appeal request and any supporting documents MUST be submitted no later than seven (7) calendar days from the date late fee charge is posted on a student’s account. An appeal request can be sent to All decisions after the appeal is reviewed are final.

Tuition and Fees

The deadline for tuition and fees is set by the Office of Student Finance, and generally falls about 15 days before the start of classes. Tuition is deferred for students receiving financial aid until they check-in in-person. At that point, only students with approved financial aid and/or those sponsored by a RUSM-recognized, third-party payer will be allowed to register—unless approval is granted by the Senior Director of Student Financial Services or designee.

Where the Senior Director of Student Financial Services authorizes registration with late payment, the student must complete a promissory note and remit payment within 30 days of the beginning of the semester. Any outstanding past due balance for more than 30 days will be assessed a USD $75.00 late fee (this amount is subject to change).  Under the terms of the note, the student may be considered for an administrative withdrawal based on non-payment. If non- or under-payment occurs, the student may not receive credit for that semester.

Clinical Sciences Registration and Check-In

Students in the IMF must:

Students are assigned to the remainder of their core clinical clerkships once they have:

All clerkship assignments are made by the Office of Clinical Clerkships. In general, clerkship programs will be taken according to a pre-arranged schedule. Students will be notified of their entry into a given program via written confirmation from the Office of Clinical Clerkships. Students must schedule through the Office of Clinical Clerkshipsand be present on the first day of a clinical segment. Failure to do so will result in administrative withdrawal.

Students who begin clinical clerkships on or after January 1, 2015 are permitted to complete up to eight weeks of electivesprior to completing all core clerkships.  Students may not take additional electives until all required core clerkships are successfully completed.

Students who decline their clerkship schedule must sit out for a semester (15 calendar weeks) before reassignment. A student who fails to decline in a timely manner and who does not attend a scheduled clinical clerkship will receive an “F” on his or her transcript for that clerkship, and will be subject to further disciplinary action from RUSM.

For the Clinical Clerkship segment, international students may require a visa to enter the US. Further instructions and information are available from the Director Student Services in Miramar, Florida.

Students must be able to present their official RUSM identification card at all times.  If anID card is lost or stolen, please contact Student Services – Miramar to request a replacement. Students will be charged a fee of $10 USD to replace an ID card. 

Other Registrar Services

Transcript Requests

Students may request official transcripts from the Office of the Registrar at Requests cannot be taken by telephone. Transcripts cannot be released until all financial obligations to RUSM have been met and any missing administrative documents have been received.

To obtain an unofficial transcript, students may view and print their unofficial grade reports from the myRossU website. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript.

Enrollment Verification Letter Requests

Enrollment Verification Letters can be printed from myRossU. Additionally, students may request an official letter of Enrollment Verification (for student loans, visa requests, etc.) by submitting a request online at Students should allow at least 10 calendar days for processing.

Clinical Evaluation Requests

Students may request a copy of their clinical evaluations after grades are posted by submitting a request online at Students should allow at least 5calendar days for processing.