RUSM Identification Card Policy

All persons must be issued an appropriate RUSM ID card or security pass before being allowed to access the campus. An RUSM ID card is issued by the campus Safety and Security Department, on the directive of the campus Operations Administrator, Medical Sciences or Associate Dean (based upon availability), bearing the holder’s photograph and RUSM logo, card number and the date of issue. This ID card will remain the property of RUSM

This policy applies to all members of the RUSM community (colleagues and students), including associates, contractors and their employees and visitors.

RUSM administration recognizes the importance of effective access control to the orderly operations, safety and security of the campus and its occupants. In order to facilitate and enhance this process, it is the school’s policy that without exception, all persons must be issued an appropriate RUSM ID card or security pass before being allowed to access the campus.

RUSM reserves the right to deny access to anyone who refuses or neglects to abide by this policy.  RUSM requires that all persons who enter an RUSM campus or while accessing any RUSM campus facility, should have their IDs visibly at all times.  All persons should also show their RUSM ID to the security officer at the specific entrance, or upon request at the RUSM Campus facility.  Individuals are also required to show their ID to any RUSM colleague upon request at the RUSM campus facility, compound or event.


 RUSM COMMUNITY: The term RUSM community refers to the following categories:

THIRD PARTIES: Third parties include anyone of the following categories of persons:



RUSM community ID Cards will be issued by the Safety and Security Department as part of the individual’s on-boarding process or once all required documentation has been submitted and subsequently approved by Security management. Third party ID Cards will be issued by the the Safety and Security Department.  RUSM management has authorized the printing and issuing of the following categories of ID cards and security passes to facilitate and control access to, and exit from campus.

Long-term colleague ID cards, student ID cards and long-term contractor ID cards all carry the holder’s photograph along with the other material particulars stated above.

Short-term colleague (TEMPS), visitor and short-term contractor ID cards bear all the characteristics of an RUSM ID card, except for the photo of the holder.  However, some short term temps may require a photo ID in special circumstances.

RUSM ID cards for colleagues, students, contractors, professional and standardized patients shall be valid for the duration of the holder’s association with RUSM, and will remain with the holder for the duration of that period.

No application process is required for visitor passes.  Visitors for the Barbados Campus will be issued with a visitor ID at the northern entrance RUSM reception only, in the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (LESC) Building.  Visitors for the Miramar Campus will be issued a visitor ID at the security desk located at the east main entrance. All visitor passes will be provided at the discretion of RUSM.  Visitors must return their visitor passes to security at the point it was issued when leaving the campus or RUSM compound.   All visitors must be hosted by a RUSM colleague who is present during the time of the visit.  Colleagues will be held responsible for any visitors that they bring on campus. Visitors are not allowed in student study spaces including the library.

Members of the campus community must enter and exit campus only at an authorized point of access.

Persons who are not members of the RUSM community must be issued with the appropriate security pass in accordance with procedures before being allowed to access campus.

Without exception, every member of the campus community must present his/her RUSM ID card at every point of access.  Colleagues and students who forget their ID at home may be issued with a colleague temporary pass (CTP) or a student temporary pass (STP), as required, to allow them access to the campus or RUSM compound.  Colleagues who frequently fail to show up to work with their RUSM ID may be subject to disciplinary action.

Without exception, everyone must wear his/her RUSM ID card while on RUSM campus in such a manner that it will be readily visible to other persons.

While on campus, if asked to do so by a RUSM Colleague, an individual must present their ID card for inspection.

Security may immediately escort anyone off campus who is not in possession of an RUSM ID and does not have a legitimate reason for being on campus

If a person loses his/her RUSM ID, the loss must be reported to the Safety & Security Department. Individuals will be required to fill out an ID replacement application form and pay a fee of BBD $25.00 or USD $10.  All lost IDs, if found should be returned to campus security.

A person, whose ID card has been stolen, damaged or deteriorated, must make a report at the Safety and Security Department and he/she will receive a new ID card after the payment of a BBD $25 or USD $10 fee. Waiver of the fee is subject to the discretion and approval of the Associate Dean, Medical Sciences; Campus Operations Administrator or designee pending a thorough investigation.

The ID card remains the property of RUSM.

The Security department will only issue IDs for the following individuals: