RUSM takes campus security very seriously, so we maintain a security force on the campus to enhance the safety of our students and help prevent crime; please cooperate with them to further our community’s safety. We urge you to promptly report all on- and off-campus incidents to the RUSM security force by calling (767) 235-9111 or to local police by calling (767) 445-5222.


In accordance with U.S. Department of Education requirements, information is published annually about security and safety practices, and campus crime statistics. This information is distributed to current students, and is available upon request by any prospective student.

On-Campus Security and Escorts

To provide 24-hour security for RUSM, students, and staff, RUSM employs a cadre of security officers on its Portsmouth, Dominica campus. Security is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Should you feel unsafe on campus, please call a uniformed security officer to serve as your escort: (767) 255-6234.

All security officers receive in-house training, which is supplemented by formal training at the Dominica Police Training School. Officers also provide security for the RUSM Clinical Facility at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau, which students use during clinical assignments and clinical clerkships.

Security guards have authority to ask questions and request identification at any time. All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to report incidents to both campus security and local police. Prompt reporting will ensure timely warning notices to the campus community and timely disclosure of crime statistics.

Off-Campus Security

Security awareness extends tor off campus locations and events. While Dominica has a relatively low crime rate, students and visitors should still take the same precautions that they would take in major cities in the U.S. These include traveling in groups, locking the doors to accommodations and vehicles, and avoiding confrontations.

Students living in off-campus student housing facilities should check with their apartment landlords for specific safety procedures at their complexes. Although most complexes restrict access to apartments and provide keys for individuals, additional security measures vary from complex to complex. Crimes committed at off-campus housing should be immediately reported to Campus Security. They should also be reported as soon as is reasonably possible to the Student Affairs department.