Standards of Expected Conduct and Behavior


RUSM respects the strong work ethic and vision that motivates students to join our school. We know the commitment required to navigate the road ahead of you, and recognize the crucial role that a safe, productive academic environment plays in the pursuit of a medical career. We have established this Code of Conduct to promote a healthy learning environment, and expect you to become familiar with the code, through study and through close observation of these ethics in action among your colleagues and teachers.

Use this as a professional tool to guide you in beginning your career as a trusted member of the medical community. As with physicians, RUSM students are expected to display the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior. This extends to all aspects of your life, requiring conduct that displays honesty, maturity and respect for others. The Dean and the Dean’s designees developed and enforce these policies and procedures both to promote an atmosphere conducive to active learning, and to preserve the educational mission of RUSM.

By applying, accepting admission, enrolling in and attending classes at RUSM or using the many services at your disposal, you indicate your acceptance of these standards of conduct. Adherence to the Code of Conduct, together with the Honor Code, the Technical Standards, and the AMA Guidelines in effect at any time, will contribute to your credibility and success as a medical professional and are essential to your successful completion of the RUSM program.

Not only students, but their guests, partners, family members, and former students granted temporary access and any person authorized to act on a student’s behalf, are also required to comply with the Code of Conduct. Students, partners, family members, former students with temporary access or their guests or agents who fail to do so will be subject to disciplinary action. Students are responsible for their guests, partners, family members or agents and their compliance with the Code of Conduct and all policies set forth in this Student Handbook and on the RUSM student Portal, as well as all other published RUSM policies. Students may be held accountable for the actions of their partners, family members, guests or agents.

These standards of conduct govern your actions at all times during your educational career with RUSM, regardless of when or where such conduct occurs. These standards apply to student conduct occurring on or off campus and during periods of active enrollment, semester break, AA, emergency or short-term personal leaves or while suspended or withdrawn from RUSM. There are several sets of standards you will be expected to meet throughout your tenure as a medical student and during your career as a physician; students must also be capable of meeting all levels of proficiency and ethical conduct defined in the following standards.

Knowing and following these standards will provide a basis of understanding the capabilities, character and demeanor of the qualified, ethical physician. Any behavior in conflict with the tenets of these documents may result in disciplinary action (see Sanctions listed in the Code of Conduct section of this Student Handbook). In addition to taking appropriate disciplinary measures, RUSM also may report illegal or criminal conduct to appropriate law enforcement authorities.