Student Life – Housing

General Information – Medical Sciences

The RUSM residential campus for Medical Sciences students will be at The Villages of Coverley neighborhood in Barbados. Coverley is a planned community with on-site health clinic, a Fresh Market grocery story, a gym, recreation center, playing field, gas station, bank and restaurants, built around a town square concept. Newly built for Spring 2019, housing will be fully furnished single family homes configured as 4-bedroom, 3-bath and 3-bedroom, 2-bath units. Rent includes property management, exterior and interior maintenance, personal property insurance, deep cleaning between each semester, Wi-Fi, trash pickup, monthly utility allotment (water, electric and sewer), access to parking and gym.

Using the RUSM Housing Portal, students will be able to select their preferred floorplan and room type. Additionally, students will be able to choose specific roommates or search for potential roommates based on stated preferences. Housing pricing will be divided into four tiers:

Each residential unit includes:

Housing Policies

Accommodations for Disability or Other Special Needs: Should a student have special accommodation needs, please complete a formal request and submit corresponding documentation within the RUSM Housing Application. This will enable the Housing team to identify the best solution within the housing community. Requests will be managed on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or designee.

 Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted in RUSM Student Housing, but must not be visible outside the residential unit. Students and guests must at all times comply with this policy, and with local laws of Barbados. Occupants of the house are not permitted to facilitate activities which involve excessive drinking which and/or results in the endangerment of an individual. Occupants will be held fully responsible for the behavior of their guests during and after alcohol consumption on the premises.

 Animals: Students with pets or service animals joining them at RUSM Housing must complete the registration and application form within the Housing Application. Unless otherwise noted, approval must be granted prior to the animal entering the premises. Pets are defined in three categories:

The care and supervision of any animal is the responsibility of the student owner. The individual must maintain control of the animal at all times. The individual student is responsible for ensuring the cleanup of all animal waste and for any fees associated with damage caused by the animal. Animals may only reside or visit other residential units designated as “pet friendly.”

Students applying to have on-campus pets are required to do the following:

The pet owner will be held fully responsible for pet bites or scratches, flea or tick infestation or causing allergic reactions. Pet owners are also responsible for any damage of Coverley property, including the house, furniture and fittings. RUSM will not be liable to any of the above resulting from a pet. Charges will be applied accordingly to student.

Assignments and Roommates: Students are charged a one-time housing application fee that apply as long as the student remains continually enrolled and on-campus. The housing contract/lease for each student runs for the length of the semester. Students will be provided with access to the housing portal each semester to reserve their housing. Specific dates will be communicated accordingly by the RUSM Housing Department. All students MUSTcomplete the RUSM Housing Application upon admission to RUSM on the Housing Portal. If a current or incoming student does not complete the Housing Application, on-campus housing will be assigned and students will be charged accordingly.

Unless prior arrangements for late occupancy have been made with RUSM Housing, failure of a student to occupy his/her assigned campus housing space by the first day of classes may result in loss of the assigned space.

Each student will be assigned their own bedroom. Two or more students cannot be assigned the same room.

RUSM reserves the right to make housing and roommate assignments and to require students to relocate within campus housing when assignments or relocations are necessary to carry out RUSM’s educational and/or administrative purposes. This right to make alternate assignments and require relocations includes the authority to take such action as part of disciplinary sanctions. Although RUSM Housing staff are committed to placing students in preferred living arrangements, there is no guarantee of the right to live with a specific individual or to occupy a specific residential space.

There is a maximum occupancy for each residential unit. Three-bedroom units have a maximum occupancy of 5 people and four-bedroom homes have a maximum occupancy of six people. Occupancy of spaces by fewer or greater occupants than the intended number requires the approval of RUSM Housing.

Students are expected to only occupy assigned space. If one student moves from his or her assigned space, the remaining student(s) will maintain the space in a manner that would permit another student to be assigned immediately. RUSM also reserves the right to assign students to temporary accommodations in the event that occupancy is exceeded.

Check-in/Check-Out Process (Residential)
Additional information regarding room changes during and between semesters is addressed within the “Assignments & Roommates” section of the housing policies.

New Residential Students:Any student not residing in on-campus housing the previous semester will be given specific instructions including the specific day and times during which they can check-in to their residential room and should follow accordingly. A student will receive the keys to his or her house and room on move-in day after completing a residential check-in with a housing staff member.

Current Residential Students: Specific move-in/move-out dates will be communicated by the RUSM Housing Department each semester. In general, the following will apply:

RUSM Housing Staff will try to work with students who have delayed flights and other unavoidable circumstances preventing them from abiding by the stipulated check-out timeline. However, please understand the short time frame between semesters to turn the units lessens their flexibility to assist.

All Residential Students:During residential check-out, the student is required to provide RUSM Housing staff with all residential keys. Should a student be unable to return RUSM Housing the keys assigned to them within the specified timeframe, the student will incur a lost key charge to their account.

Students removed from RUSM Housing for disciplinary reasons will be required to complete proper checkout procedures within 48 hours following termination of their enrollment. Failure to checkout within this time frame by the student will result in a charge to change the lock on student’s former residential space based on current lock change rates. Any belongings left after this time period will be discarded. Student will be responsible for all costs associated with the removal of personal belongings remaining in the space.

In the event of a University-mandated removal from housing, with the approval from RUSM Housing, the student may request up to an additional two weeks from the date of the notice to remove their belongings from their residential space. This only applies to their belongings; the student will not be able to live in the residential space during this time. Any belongings left after this time period will be discarded. Students will be responsible for all costs associated with the removal of personal belongings remaining in the space.

Cleaning and Trash: Cleaning during the semester is the sole responsibility of the occupants.  If desired, students are able to source additional cleaning services through a vendor of their choice at their own cost. Deep cleaning is facilitated during semester break. Scheduled cleaning is stipulated by the RUSM Housing Department.

Trash disposal is included in rent. Residents must keep their supplied waste bin in the back of the unit except on specified pickup days when the bin should be placed at the end of the driveway for disposal. Trash and recycling pickup days/times will be distributed each semester.

Collective Damages: Damage and vandalism are costly and undermine the quality of life within the residential community. The University expects members of the residential community to aid in the prevention of vandalism. Residents are jointly and separately responsible for damage to their living units and furnishings and are collectively responsible for damages to common areas. Residents of a building, or part thereof, may be assessed charges for repair of damage to common areas if no student comes forward to accept responsibility.

Damage, Charges and Fines: RUSM Housing may levy charges and fines separate from the disciplinary process for unauthorized use or alterations of rooms, equipment, or buildings; for special cleaning necessitated by improper care or use of rooms; loss or damage of RUSM supplied home furnishings; and for non-compliance with check-in or checkout procedures. In addition, should utility consumption over the course of the semester exceed $280/student, the overage will be divided and charged to each occupant of the house.

Enrollment Status RequirementAs a condition of living in RUSM Campus Housing a student must remain enrolled and actively participating in academic activities. If a student becomes unenrolled (i.e. dismissal, withdrawal) s/he must vacate RUSM Housing with 48 hours. If the student has one or more unexcused absences for mandatory activities s/he may also be asked to vacate RUSM Housing.

Entry and Inspection: RUSM reserves the right to enter and inspect a student’s campus residential space for reasons including, but not limited to:

Students should be aware that Health and Safety Inspections may be conducted during the semester. These are to ensure the health and safety of our residential communities. Health and Safety Inspections are conducted by RUSM Housing staff, which includes professional and para-professional staff. During this inspection, staff will enter every room, regardless if you are present or not, to check for the presence of potentially hazardous conditions, cleanliness of property, and/or RUSM policy violations.

Failure to Comply: RUSM students are expected to comply with instructions from any RUSM Colleague acting within the scope of their duties. This includes RUSM Housing, Campus Life, and Security professional and para-professional staff.

Furnishings: All University supplied furniture and belongings must remain in each individual residential unit and are not to be switched out with other units or used outdoors, or removed from the home at any time without express written consent from RUSM Housing. If you are in doubt as to whether or not an item, decoration or furnishing is allowed, you should ask RUSM Housing staff. Please note that students may provide draperies or other decorations that are hung with the approved mounting equipment (no nails, drills, etc.). Also, RUSM does not provide linens or pillows as a furnishing for residential facilities.

Grills: Gas and charcoal grills are permitted at RUSM Campus Housing. They may not be used or stored in the residential unit or porch and must be stored when not in use on the back of the home. Please be mindful when in use that the smoke does not negatively impact nearby homes.

Guests: Student is responsible for the actions of his/her guests while on RUSM’s premises, including adherence to RUSM policies. Student is prohibited from accepting payment of any kind in exchange for use of RUSM premises by a guest. Guests are allowed for a maximum duration of fourteen (14) calendar days per semester. Any individual staying longer must be approved as a non-student resident. Members of the RUSM community bear ultimate responsibility for the actions and behaviors of guests they invite into our community.

KeysKeys to residential units are issued to residents upon check in. The student is responsible for its proper use and maintenance. It is expected that the key is for his/her use only and students will be held accountable for “sharing/loaning” a key to another person. Duplication of keys is prohibited. If it is determined that a key has been duplicated or shared, the key and lock may be changed and the resident(s) charged for the change. If a key is lost, it is the responsibility of the student to inform RUSM Housing immediately. Individual students are responsible for the cost of lost or stolen keys and will be charged in addition to a $10 “lockout fee” to have your door unlocked by a member of the RUSM Housing, Student Affairs, or Security staff.

Noise and Disruptive Activity: The residential environment is one meant to be supportive of the academic mission and focus of the University. As such, noise or other activities which are excessively loud and/or may be bothersome to other people are strictly prohibited.

Housing staff members will, in an effort to maintain an environment conducive to academic pursuits, address all noise and disruptive activity issues brought to their attention. In addition, all members of the community are encouraged to actively address others who may be in violation of the above policies. Courtesy Hours are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that students are expected to respond positively to any request by another student to lower noise levels.

Non-Student Resident: A non-student resident is defined as an individual connected in some capacity to an RUSM student (usually a companion or dependent) with approval from RUSM Housing to reside in on-campus housing long-term.

Occupancy Adjustment and Consolidation: RUSM Housing has the authority to reassign students to another housing unit. For example, students living in a unit that is not filled to capacity may be asked to relocate to live in a different unit to meet occupancy and student assignment needs. Other circumstances may arise and occupancy adjustment and/or consolidation are at the discretion of RUSM Housing.

On-Campus Living Requirement & Exemptions: RUSM requires all full-time students who have not successfully completed the Medical Sciences 4- or 5-semester curriculum to reside in RUSM Housing Communitylocated at the Villages at Coverley unless the student is:

Students seeking special housing exemptions must complete and submit the Housing Exemption Request Form along with corresponding documentation as directed by RUSM Hosing. All requests must be approved by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or designee. Any current medical science student who has not been exempted from this requirement will be assigned a residential space, regardless if a housing application or request has been completed.

Personal Property: RUSM assumes no responsibility for, and does not insure against the loss, theft, damage or destruction of, any of student’s personal property. Personal property insurance is included with on-campus housing rent. Any student needing to file a claim should contact the vendor directly. Abandoned personal property will be disposed of at the sole discretion of RUSM, at the student’s expense.

Room Change: With prior approval from the Housing Office students are permitted to change residential units (houses) or bedrooms within the same residential unit. Room changes will only be facilitated within the stipulated timeframe as communicated by the RUSM Housing Department. Students are required to complete a room change request form, and submit to housing@rossu.edufor review and approval. Once approval is granted, the student must conduct the move within the timeframe and process set forth by the RUSM Housing. The previous room must be left in a similar manner in which it was received. Students are charged an administrative fee of $100 for changing residential units and $50 for changing rooms within the same residential unit. Consideration for room changes will be addressed in order of priority from students seeking room changes in emergency situations, temporary housing assignments, or with medical and or special accommodation needs.

Room Inventory and Inspection. RUSM completes a “Room Condition Report” (RCR) prior to student occupying residential space. The RCR notes the presence and condition of furnishings, fixtures and equipment. In addition, any unusual damage or excessive wear to the space is noted. When a student moves out, RUSM completes an RCR that notes any damage or unusual wear to the furnishings, fixtures, equipment and premises. Cleaning or repair charges are assessed if a student does not leave the space in an appropriate condition allowing immediate occupancy.

Safety and Security: Within the residential community there is a security presence 24-hours/day 7-days/week. In addition to RUSM Security, student affairs staff members will be present on property. This includes professional student affairs staff from campus life and counseling, as well as paraprofessional Community Advisor student staff members. Contact information will be distributed to the entire campus community.

 Search and Seizure: A search of a student’s possessions or a student’s on-campus residence may be authorized by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or designee if there is reasonable cause to believe that prohibited or unlawful activity has occurred. Any items found that violate the student handbook or any laws will be seized and reported to the appropriate authorities.

Smoking/Tobacco Use: The use of tobacco or other such substances are not permitted within RUSM Student Housing. Students and guests must at all times comply with this policy, and with local laws of Barbados. Smoking (including vaping, e-cigarettes, etc.) is allowed only outside of the house and is not permitted in areas, to include but not limited to gas station and green areas-playground, as indicated by the Villages at Coverley Management. Students are not to smoke as a passenger in any vehicle conducting RUSM business.

SolicitationAll solicitation in residential areas is prohibited by any person or group who is not affiliated with an approved student organization. Any student or student organization wishing to solicit in within the residential or academic campus must request authorization from Campus Life.

StorageBecause of space limitations, storage facilities are not available for residents. Residents should plan to store all personal belongings in their residential space. RUSM supplied furniture and other supplies are not permitted to be removed from the residential space.

Villages at Coverley Community Standards: Because RUSM Housing is a portion of a larger public community, RUSM students, non-student residents, and guests are expected to abide by all polices and standards within that community.

Weapons: Possessing, using, storing or manufacturing any weapon or any facsimile of a weapon on University property (leased or owned) or in connection with a college-affiliated activity, unless authorized in writing by the RUSM chief location administrator or designee. The term “weapon” means any device, instrument, or substance that is designed to, or reasonably could be expected to, inflict a wound, incapacitate, or cause serious bodily injury or death, including, but not limited to: firearms (loaded and unloaded, real and replica); ammunition; electronic control devices (such as Tasers and stun guns); devices designed to discharge an object (such as BB guns, air guns, pellet guns, potato guns, and slingshots); explosives; dangerous chemicals (such as tear gas and oleoresin capsicum); martial arts weapons; bows and arrows; artificial knuckles; nightsticks; and daggers, swords, and knives with fixed blades longer than three (3) inches. The term “weapon” does not include chemical repellents available over the counter for self-defense; instruments used solely for personal hygiene, preparation of food, or maintenance; instruments used in college-related instruction, college employment-related duties or by RUSM recognized student organizations with expressed, written permission from the RUSM chief location administrator or designee.